Site Map

I.  Welcome Page

     A. Menu of options for this site
     B. Description of the site's content

II.  Doppler Radar

     A. Individual Doppler Radar Sites
     B. National Radars & Other Data
     C. Regional Radars
     D. State Radars

III.  Satellite Imagery

     A. Visible Satellite Imagery
     B. Infrared Satellite Imagery
     C. Water Vapor Imagery

IV.  N.W.S. Statements

     A. National Weather Service statements from EVERY office
     B. Severe weather information from the Storm Prediction Center
     C. Watch & Warning Images
     D. N.W.S. Digital Forecasts
     E. N.C.E.P. Forecast Maps

V.  Mid-Michigan Weather

     A. Latest Forecast for Midland, Bay City, and Saginaw

VI.  Your Local Forecast

     A. Get the forecast for any city in the United States

VII.  Current Conditions

     A. Hourly Observations from cities around-the-country
     B. 24-hour and 6-hour precipitation totals
     C. Hourly observations from the past three days
     D. Daily maximums and minimums

VIII.  Plots and Contours

     A. Composite Map Plots
     B. Regional Data Plots
     C. Contours
     D. Daily/Monthly Plots & Contours
     E. Meteograms

IX.  Upper Air Data

     A. Sounding Data
     B. Severe Weather Contours
     C. Upper air plots for many different heights in the atmosphere

X.  Model Graphics

     A. Forecast Model Graphics (NAM, GFS, GFSX, ECMWF, etc...)
     B. Forecast Model Soundings (graphics and text)

XI.  Model Guidance

     A. Forecast Model Bulletins (NAM, GFS, GFSX, NGN, LAMP, & RUC)

XII.  MOS Graphics


XIII.  Astronomical Data

     A. Calculate sunrise/sunset for every city in the U.S.
     B. Obtain data for one day
     C. Obtain data for the entire year

XIV.  Weather Calculator

A. Calculate weather variables
B. Make weather unit conversions

XV.  Weather Terms

     A. Definitions of common weather terms
     B. Search box for weather terms

XVI.  Heat Index Chart

XVII.  Wind Chill Index Chart

XVIII.  About Us

     A. Mission Statement
     B. The #1 Weather Page History
     C. Past Addresses
     D. About the Webmaster
     E. Information Sources

XIX.  Site Map

XX.  Comments

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