Model Guidance

     In this section, you will find the forecast model guidance for many models, which meteorologists use to prepare a forecast for a given city. Included in this section are the following model guidances: NGM MOS, NAM MOS, GFS MOS, LAMP, RUC, GFSX MOS, GFSX Ensemble MOS, and an all-in-one model combination (NAM, GFS, GFSX, & NGM). Also, there are grid interpolations from the NAM, GFS, GFS 5-Day, and GFSX. Models are updated several times a day, except for the RUC (updated frequently). To learn how to interpret this data, see the bottom of this page.

NOAA Supercomputer
Above: NOAA Super Computer

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Model Guidance  
Model Guidance & Model Grid Interpolation:

How to Interpret the Model Guidance  

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